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Ants Bistro - Review - Chinatown

Ants Bistro (7 Corrs Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000, Chinatown) is an old school Chinese restaurant in Chinatown.  It definitely has a nice point of interest with such a unique name.

Ants Bistro is kind of off the main shopping street of Little Bourke St so you will have to search it out.  That kind of makes it special but is it worth you seeking out?

What you will notice immediately when you enter Ants Bistro is that it kind of feels like you are travelling back in time in a Back To The Future kind of way.  In this sense, maybe back to the 80's. 

Well, the food kind of mirrors the 1980's feel.  if you look at the sweet and sour pork it has that classic too much batter (flour) look as well as looking like it will give you a heart attack.  I can get over the heart attack look as its sweet and sour pork after all but there certainly seems to be an over supply of batter if you ask me.

Steamed dumplings are always nice.  Would I say these are best ever, no.  But then again there was nothing wrong either.  Anyway, nothing to complain about here and nice enough.

The pan fried rice noodles with beef or any other meat, onions, beansprouts  are a bit of a classic dish.  In fact one of my favourites at least as far as for takeaway Chinese food.  As a restaurant dish not so much.  Anyway,  it's hard to go wrong with this and if you like it this is a nice enough example. 

They have a great selection of Cantonese style Chinese dishes at Ant's Bistro, a bit of Szechaun, dim sum and I guess what you could call a hybrid Western/Chinese combo.  Certainly a wide enough selection for most people.

Some of it is surprisingly authentic Cantonese while others seem more like Chinese takeaway.  Anyway, its all good and taste wise it's all pretty nice.

Ant's Bistro probably isn't the place to go to to make you feel special.  However, as a relatively cheap inner city Chinese restaurant, retro 80's like feel and generally good food quality it's all round satisfying enough.

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Ants Bistro
Ants Bistro is an okay restaurant in Chinatown.  Go for its 80's like feel, reasonable pricing and generally all round good food.

Be warned the air conditioning is also old-school, albeit fully working.

Rating: 3 stars
Would I go again - Not really
Would I recommend to a friend - No

Telephone: (03) 9639 2908
Address: 7 Corrs Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000
Reviewed by: Howie Be

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