Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Bierkeller - Restaurant Review - Richmond

Bierkeller is an Austrian restaurant and bar that is easy to pass by.  As a passenger on the local tram you'll happily go past it everyday and think that it might be worth giving a try but probably then stay at home instead.  From a tram, Bierkeller looks pretty underwhelming.  It just looks pretty average from its exterior and is something they should work to improve.

On this inside however, Bierkeller is pubish and modern and generally pretty attractive.  Not top of the line as far as trendy restaurants and bars go but still pretty nice.

Bierkeller has plenty of European craft beers to match the Austrian styled food.  It's a nice match and adds to making it stand out from general restaurant offerings around the city.

Bierkeller also manages to add its own elegance to what is quite traditional food.  The simplicity really stands out in a good way.  It manages to inspire the mind in a world of information overload that we live in.

You can't go wrong with sauerkraut although you obviously have to like pickles, whatever they may be.  I like sauerkraut when matched with the appropriate food but I have to admit I'm not one who is going to add it to every dish.  Then again, I'm Chinese so maybe that's not such a surprise.

As you can see, the smile is very real and highlights real satisfaction with the food at Bierkeller.  It really does taste great and well as looking quite spectacular on the plate.  I can genuinely say I had  a great time at Bierkeller.

Of course if you know your Austrian or German food you know that you have to enjoy meet and lots of it.  Basically stay well clear if you are vegetarian.  However, for the meat eaters a great dinner at an Austrian restaurant is something to look forward to.

I have to admit that I could never go to an Austria or German restaurant day after day. I love my meat but it would literally kill me.  But for my taste buds I have to admit, Bierkeller seems a great example of what Austrian food has to offer.  It's probably not too authentic (how would I know) but it certainly tastes great.  Importantly for some, they manage to make it look fantastic as well.  

I really loved the desserts at Bierkeller.  Talk about hitting it out of the ballpark.  It's very rare to be genuinely impressed by dessert but Bierkeller really delivered.

All up all I can say is that Bierkeller really impressed me.  If you pass by on the tram each and every day I think you should think again and check Bierkeller out.  I am pretty sure you will be impressed and satisfied and probably even tell your friends.  Of course you have to like this type of food but if you do I have a feeling you'll be back.

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Bierkeller is great if you are very hungry, for a group function, hanging out with friends and for the meat lover in you.  The food looks great and tastes great as well.  It's nicely busy which adds some atmosphere and also happens to be great value for money as well.

In other words, check them out.  They and you deserve it!

Rating: 4  
Would I go again - Yes
Would I recommend to  a friend - Yes

Telephone: (03) 9429 6724
Address: 306 Bridge Rd, Richmond VIC 3121
Reviewed By: Howie Be 

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