Friday, 12 April 2013

Desserts By Night - Review - Edgewater

I don't really know what to say about Desserts By Night (38 Edgewater Boulevard Maribyrnong, VIC 3032).  I certainly like the concept as being in Edgewater any choice is good choice.  The great selling point about this place has got to be the opening hours as its open until 12pm at night.  Great for the night owls of Edgewater.  Edgewater is probably not a place for a cool place but if I was dreaming maybe it will happen.

Anyway, Desserts By Night is probably best described as utilitarian.  It delivers on its promise of desserts and some are even kind of trendy but it certainly isn't going to win any contests for originality.

Desserts By Night has milkshakes, smoothies, a wide selection of coffees (and other assorted flavourings) and tea in addition to all its desserts.  The desserts includes a wide array of cakes, fondue, creme brulee, coffee jelly, ice cream and crepes.  Now the cakes are nothing like a true bakery or in anyway like the cake shops of St Kilda.  However, there is certainly going to be something for the sweet tooth in you.

Anyway, for a modernish suburb, this is likely the best you are going to get from a generic'ish type of dessert place.  Nothing wrong with that, it is what it is and despite how it might sound if I lived in the area I'm sure I'd go there time and again.

Desserts By Night
Rating - 3.5
Would I go again - Yes (because its there)
Would I recommend to a friend - No 

Telephone: (03) 9317 8326
Address:  38 Edgewater Boulevard, Maribyrnong VIC 3032
Reviewed By: Howie Be

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