Wednesday, 26 April 2017

By Korea - Review - Chinatown

By Korea (7 Tattersalls Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000) is a Korean (very surprising) cafe/restaurant in Chinatown.  Definitely not a fine dining venue but is it worth your while for a pleasant work lunch or catching up with friends? Read on...

Happy camper
By Korea is actually part of a chain which is in some ways kind of sad.  However, I won't hold that against them.  Quality and enjoyment are ultimately what matters to me.

By Korea is actually a bit off the beaten track so although it's in Chinatown it's not a place you'll easily come across without trying to find it.

A bit bare but elegance in simplicity
By Korea has to me a bit of a Japanese feel.  I like the simplicity of design while still having a bit of its own character,  Perfectly nice as a lunch venue but probably not hipsterish for some people these days.

The simplicity or dare I say it, elegance comes across in the food.  Hopefully you can tell what I mean by the Japanese feel by looking at the food.  The pricing is very fair given the good quality.  It's not super cheap but again, quality trumps price on some occasions.

I really like By Korea.  I probably wouldn't go there for dinner but I reckon it's a perfect place for a light, very good quality work lunch.  If you like large quantity though, best to go somewhere else or maybe order a side as well.

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Rating: 4
Would I go again: Yes
Would I recommend to a friend: Yes

Telephone: (03) 9662 9380
Address: 7 Tattersalls Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000
Reviewed By: Howie Be

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