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Holla Food & Drink - Review - Richmond

Holla Food & Drink (284 Victoria St, Richmond VIC 3121) is a great little cafe/restaurant o Victoria Street.  As you can see, Holla Food & Drink has a very modern, contemporary, open feel.  Dare I say, hipster look and feel.

Holla Food & Drink has a nice open bar and is plentifully stocked as you would expect on Victoria Street.  I like the sleek and modern look of Holla Food & Drink.

Befitting its seemingly hipsterish underpinnings, Holla Food & Drink proudly mention that their menu is grass fed, free range or ethically sourced.  If this is important to you this is certainly a great selling point.  By the way, here is a link to their menu.

As you will see, everything is clean and slick at Holla Food & Drink.  The food definitely has a very modern look to it and looks very attractive on the plate.  First impressions across the board are very good.

I guess you could say that the servings aren't on the large size.  Personally I am fine with this as it lets you devour more of the menu and you can always order more if you are still feeling hungry.  I like the less is more philosophy at Holla Food & Drink.  It works here but probably wouldn't work so well at a traditional pub.

I like the modern take on everything and the decorative look to the dishes.  The colours are vibrant, bold and modern and just say eat me.

I can say that I enjoyed my selection of food right across the board at Holla Food & Drink.  Obviously I preferred some dishes more than others but that's not because the quality was any worse or better.  We all have our favourites and I am no exception.

There is a simplicity and elegance to the food but to be fair if you like to eat a lot expect to order a few extra dishes.  Just keep this in mind if you come here.

I guess the biggest problem Holla Food & Drink have is nothing to do with their food, service or styling.  They just don't have the greatest location.  Yes, they are on Victoria Street.  They just happen to be at the wrong end of the street and I am sure they are missing out on lots of potential customers because they just do not have the foot traffic.

This is a bit of a pity as I am sure lots of Melbournians are missing out as Victoria Street is pretty popular.

Anyway, as long as you don't expect gigantic portions, Holla Food & Drink delivers in spades and I am more than happy to recommend them.

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Holla Food & Drink
Holla Food & Drink is a great cafe,bar and restaurant on Victoria Street in Richmond.  It really is a pretty cool place with great food food that looks great and tastes fantastic as well.  It's a bit hipsterish in style and that will either be a selling point or maybe isn't your kind of thing.

Holla Food & Drink is very stylish within it's niche and I really liked it.  It's greatest weakness is its location.  It's just  a bit off the beaten track, ie, its at the worng end of Victoria Street to capture lots of walk in customers.  If you do happen to be on Victoria Street it is well worth your effort to make your way to Holla Food & Drink.

I think you'll be rewarded. 

Rating: 4 stars
Would I go again - Yes
Would I recommend to a friend - Yes

Telephone: (03) 8394 3487
Address: 284 Victoria St, Richmond VIC 3121
Reviewed by: Howie Be

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