Wednesday, 14 December 2016

White Kimchi

White Kimchi (117 Smith St., Fitzroy VIC 3065) is yet another of my Korean restaurant reviews. Am I addicted or what?  Anyway, for whatever reason Korean food feels like it has taken the world by storm (in Melbourne at least) although I don't really know why.  Personally, it's probably one of my least favourite Asian foods and yet here I am again.

White Kimchi
White Kimchi is a small place.  It's ideally suited as a place to hang out and catch up with friends due to its ambiance and generally casual diner feel.  It is a restaurant though so don't be fooled by its apparent feel and look.

White Kimchi is compact
As is par for the course, you get lots of nice little side dishes when you go Korean.  I guess this is one of my favourite things about Korean in general terms.

Kimchi at White Kimchi
Tempura prawns don't seem uniquely Korean but they are nice enough all the same.

And here is the famous White Kimchi.  While I prefer traditional kimchi you have to try don't you?
White kimchi
White Kimchi has a good selection of Korean food.  The menu is extensive and it certainly isn't like going to a budget restaurant.  I love that the menu is extensive and that you can find food here that isn't found everywhere.  This is definitely a plus point for White Kimchi.

I also like the presentation of the food at White Kimchi.  The big cast iron pans seem authentic and just look nice.  They add a nice rustic feel, seem earthy and complement the dishes perfectly.

The servings at White Kimchi are also fairly generous so you won't come away feeling hungry and fit perfectly with the vibe of the place.  White Kimchi is perfect for a group dinner and generally just hanging out with friends.  It's a pretty welcoming place and I can imagine having a few beers with your friends and a Korean feast will keep everyone happy.

All the food at White Kimchi tastes pretty good and is ideally suited to a cold Melbourne winter night.

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White Kimchi
If you love Korean and you happen to be around Smith Street or Brunswick Street then White Kimchi may be worth seeking out.  However, if you've never had Korean before then I believe there are better places around Melbourne.  

However, all up, White Kimchi is nice enough and I would be happy to go again.  Perfect for hanging out with friends and enjoying a unique Korean feast.

Rating: 3.5
Would I go again: Yes (but not in a hurry)
Would I recommend to a friend: No

Telephone: (03) 8394 3826
Address: 117 Smith St., Fitzroy VIC 3065
Reviewed By: Howie Be

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