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Blok M - Review - 380 Little Bourke St (CBD)

Blok M (380 Little Bourke St, VIC 3000) is an Indonesian cafe/restaurant in the inner city.  I like how Blok M really emphasizes that it is Indonesian.  To stand out from the crowd and to make an impression in a crowded market place shows some effort on Blok M's part.

No. 18 at Blok M
No. 18 at Blok M
Blok M is really for casual diners, perfect for a work lunch for inner city workers, I guess, local apartment dwellers and for those not inclined to cook after work.  380 Little Bourke St isn't really a prime time location for general shoppers and personally I wouldn't seek out Blok M if I wasn't a local.
Some happy Blok M customers
Some happy Blok M customers
Blok M has a clean modern layout and nice distinctive branding.  It sure beats some no brand places you'll find in Chinatown but equally it does feel a bit nondescript at the same time.  What I mean is that while they have made an effort to brand themselves, it doesn't feel particularly organic.

One thing I love about Indonesian and Malaysian food is the deep fried fish.  While this certainly isn't great in the health food stakes it does make for a nice way to eat fish, particularly the freshwater kind which is what is usually fried up.  

Anyway, if you've had this type of deep fried fish, you're either going to love it or loath it.  I love it and if you've never tried it you really should.

What I love about Indonesian food in general is that while it is Asian, it's definitely quite different from Chinese cuisine and has quite a few different ingredients.  And it's not just a hot type of flavouring.  If you love lemongrass, Trasi shrimp paste, sambal, tamarind and palm sugar you'll know what I mean.

Blok M will give you a nice idea of Indonesian cuisine if you've never tried it before and is perfect for a casual lunch or as a cheap dinner option.  If I lived nearby I'd certainly go here semi-regularly but if you're nowhere near the vicinity, Blok M probably isn't worth seeking out.

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Blok M
Blok M is a nice budget option for lunch or a lazy after work dinner.  It's for the casual diner and is a nice break from some of the super cheap budget Asian options.  It's nice and modern and will give you a nice taster of Indonesian food.

Worth a try if you are nearby. 

Rating: 3.5  
Would I go again - No
Would I recommend to  a friend - No

Telephone: 03 9600 2534
380 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000
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