Friday, 27 November 2015

Green Tea Vietnamese Restaurant - Review - Flemington (New Town)

Green Tea Vietnamese Restaurant review in Flemington is an average restaurant.  It certainly doesn't stick out from the crowd or make any monumental statements (positive or negative).

Classic spring rolls

Its certainly okay for a bite to eat and fill a gap so to speak but do not expect anything special.

If there happens to be some kind of special on or you've had a big night out drinking, then Green Tea Vietnamese Restaurant could be an option.

The staff are friendly enough and the decor is actually quite pleasant compared to your typical budget Asian styled restaurant.

Not so bad.  Stop your moaning.
 The food though is unfortunately a bit run of the mill.  Not bad per se but certainly not exciting.

Green Tea Vietnamese Restaurant
Rating: 2.5
Would I go again: No
Would I recommend to a friend: No

Telephone: (03) 9663 8878
Address: 320 Racecourse Rd, Flemington VIC 3031
Reviewed by: Howie Be

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