Tuesday, 25 February 2014

French Lettuce Patisserie and Bakery - Review - Carlton

There are not many places that I have recommended and been back to.  This is a testament to the French Lettuce Patisserie and Bakery.  It's not really designed with cafe customers in mind but they try their best.  It is however without doubt one of the best bakeries you are going to find in Melbourne.  It's definitely worth making a visit here if you are passing through or going to Lygon St for a shopping outing.

As one of my so-called short postings I'd recommend enjoying the moment and seeking out the French Lettuce Patisserie and Bakery.  You and your guests are going to go away satisfied customers.

The French Lettuce Patisserie and Bakery really delivers.  The quality of the cakes is just superb.  It's probably not a place for a superb dining/eating experience though so places are a bit limited. 
You will definitely go away thinking I must come again sometime soon.
Divine cakes and patisserie's.  High quality is basically guaranteed.
Make a visit there as soon as you can and no I am not getting any commission.

French Lettuce Patisserie and Bakery
In a nutshell: Make a visit there and enjoy. Superb! Probably better to takeaway though as it's a cafe second. Patisserie first.

Rating: 5 stars
Would I go again - I have and will do again
Would I recommend to a friend - Definitely

Telephone: (03) 9347 7311
Address:  237 Nicholson St, Carlton VIC 3053
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Date published: 25 February 2014
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