Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Japanese Ito Noodle Cafe - Review - CBD, Melbourne

The Japanese Ito Noodle Cafe (122 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000).  Okay, the signage falling off isn't  a great look but maybe image is not everything. right?

Japanese Ito Noodle Cafe has quite a nice internal layout and appearance. This isn't a place to go for a fine dining experience but is a nice inner city restaurant perfect for a relatively inexpensive work lunch.  
It kind of feels underground in the sense that the customers appear to be missing.  Don't be put off though.  If I was working around here and was looking for something above the typical food court package the Japanese Ito Noodle Cafe is a good place to start.
I would say that it is unassuming yet stylish.  Keep in mind by stylish I mean by lunchtime cafe standards.
As for the food there is  a wide selection and it is above what you'll find in your typical ramen noodle place. For this I thank them as I don't want Japanese food to fall into the category of the foodcourt Chinese food I see around the place.
As is typical for me I tend to talk generally about the food.  That is you get a good honest review that basically informs you the good or the bad but isn't necessarily what I call detailed.
I happily recommend the Japanese Ito Noodle Cafe to anyone for a casual lunch that will not break the bank and as a place that still manages to have some character of its own.
Anyway, while in no way spectacular the food is good and you'll probably want to come back again.
Japanese Ito Noodle Cafe
Rating - 3.5
Would I go again - Yes
Would I recommend to a friend - Yes

Telephone: (03) 9663 2788
Address: 122 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Reviewed By: Howie Be

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