Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Williamstown Mussels Fish & Chippery - Review - Williamstown

Williamstown Mussels (129 Nelson Place, Williamstown VIC 3016) does a roaring trade when the weather is right.  Like most of us, on those hot days by the beach grabbing some fish and chips seems like a natural thing to do.

Williamstown Mussels has a nice outdoor courtyard if you cannot be bothered walking across the road to the foreshore or park.  As is the way with all things, the courtyard can get packed so be pre-warned you may not get a seat.
This is a classic fish and chippery so the interior decor could be regarded as cramped but I do like the honesty of the place in that you can see the cooks plying their trade.
The interior ornamentation has a nice nautical theme going on which is kind of nice and obviously better than the generic white wall.  
As for the fish and chips themselves I was disappointed.  I've got to hope that this was an off day as I am pretty much turned from going back their in a hurry.  I'm still looking for a bonafide great fish and chip shop in the western suburbs.  I hope to find it someday.
Fish and chips image

Williamstown Mussels Fish & Chippery
Rating - 2.5
Would I go again - No
Would I recommend to a friend - No

Telephone: (03) 9399 9961
Address: 129 Nelson Pl, Williamstown VIC 3016
Reviewed By: Howie Be

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