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The Station Hotel - Review - Footscray

The Station Hotel has had quite a lot of positive press coverage.  This can be a double edged sword as your expectations are suitably raised.  I am more than happy to report that The Station Hotel delivered on my expectations. Yay!

As a historic looking pub/hotel, The Station Hotel doesn't scream out as particularly enticing when you drive or walk past.  It even has the faint appearance of being a but rundown but don't let that put you off. I am sure many people pass it by as a local pub without considering it as a suitable dining option.  I'll say it for them - they are missing out.

I like that the menu doesn't try to cover its bases.  It has a stupendous selection of steak options to keep the less daring happy.  In fact if you check the menu you have 11 different steaks ranging from grain fed Angus to the ubiquitous Wagyu.  It kind of has built its reputation on steak so I'll be having one another day so I can't comment but based on what I had I'd anticipate they would be superb.
Beef carpaccio

I am a huge carpaccio fan.  If its on the menu I almost immediately gravitate to it. The Station Hotel version wouldn't rate as one of my favourites though.  It was too salty and for my taste had too much of the white horsreradish'ish sauce.

Boerewors sausage with mash, braised ox tail and local wild mushrooms is great.  Now you have to like this type of meal but if you do you'll definitely be happy.  The sausages are definitely a cut above most places and I appreciated the braised oxtail being fat free.

Boerewors sausage with mash and braised ox tail image
Boerewors sausage with mash and braised ox tail

The 'Pot au feu' poached ox cheek, ox tongue and ox tail with roast bone marrow, parsley, horseraddish and root vegetables is a delicate dish.  The mild flavour will not be to everyone's taste but if you know what you are getting yourself into you can't help but be satisfied.
Poached ox cheek, ox tongue and ox tail image
Poached ox cheek, ox tongue and ox tail
The presentation of all the food at The Station Hotel is exemplary and as you can tell, the menu is a bit ecletic.  I like being able to try something different so the mix of European styled food that isn't run of the mill counts as a big plus for me.  Along with this they have a fairly extensive selection of cheeses if you like that kind of thing.    
Roast bone marrow with horseradish image
Roast bone marrow with horseradish
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The Station Hotel
Rating - 4.5
Would I recommend to a friend - Yes
Would I go again - Yes

Telephone: (03) 9687 2913
Address: 59 Napier Street, Footscray VIC 3011
Reviewed By: Howie Be

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