Friday, 26 October 2012

Taxi Dining Room - Review - Federation Square

The Taxi Dining Room is an icon in Melbourne.  Its frequently in the top ten lists of restaurants to dine in and as such a bit of an institution.  The food at Taxi Dining Room is best described as Asian fusion.  It has an iconic location, right alongside the Yarra River and elevated so that you can enjoy the views, especially all lit up at night.

The food has a very modern contemporary look to it.  If you like this kind of thing you will be very satisfied.  Hopefully you can get a good feel for what I mean from the photographs.
I guess that's called a scallop
I guess that's called a scallop
If you are from Asian descent I believe the standard menu might seem a bit unexciting.  While its certainly nothing like a Chinatown menu its generally doesn't read as interesting, especially when you keep thinking its in the top 10 restaurants in Melbourne.
New Zealand blue cod
New Zealand blue cod can't be wrong
I think you really have to look at the specials menu and hope that there is something that really interests you that day.  I was certainly very satisfied with my seared New Zealand blue cod.
Special Ox cheek
Special Ox cheek
Similarly the special Taxi Dining Room ox cheek was certainly worth having.  It must be said that the Taxi Dining Room has an extensive wine and drinking menu.  You will certainly be able to find very high quality matching wines for whatever food you opt for.
Petit Four
Petit Four (A grand finale dessert)
The highlight of for was the Petit Four dessert.  This is one of those combination desserts and was very impressive.  Even if you are tempted by one of the other desserts you should certainly try this.  Definitely a highlight of the evening.

I have to admit that the layout and design of the Taxi Dining Room is a let down.  There is almost a park bench feel to the place. Some people may like it but for a restaurant of its reputation I was left disappointed.

Taxi Dining Room
Rating - 3.5
Would I recommend to a friend - Not really
Would I go again - Yes (based on reputation but not anytime soon)

Telephone: (03) 9654 8808
Address: Swanston St & Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Reviewed By: Howie Be


  1. with a "modern contemporary look to [the food] if you like this kind of thing" and "a park bench feel to the place" not really getting me salivatin', those meals look AWFULLY small.

  2. I went there as part of a Victorian wine and food society evening and absolutely loved it. I actually think I recommended it to you a few months ago.

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