Saturday, 28 April 2012

Sunkee House - Review - Prahran

There are not many Chinese restaurants on Chapel St so when you come across one you pay attention.  Sunkee House looks appealing because of its apparent authenticity.  The now classic cook or chef in the window making dumplings or noodles is no longer unique in Melbourne but it still stands out.

Sunkee House is quite a large restaurant with a modernish decor and does have an extensive dumpling menu which they seem to specialise in.  The pricing is moderate to fair so this is no obstacle.  The table service is good.
Homemade dumplings

Unfortunately the homemade dumplings are heavy on the pastry/dough and didn't come out steaming hot.  Chinese dumplings really have to come out piping hot to be truly enjoyable so given that they were not overrun with customers this was disappointing.

Generally I was disappointed with the food so if they are still around in two or three years I might give them another go but at the moment I would recommend trying another Chinese restaurant.

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Sunkee House
Rating -  3
Would I go again - No.
Would I recommend to  a friend - No.

Telephone: 03 9827 7110
Address: 352-354 Chapel Street  Melbourne, VIC 3141
Reviewed By: Howie Be

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