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Munich Brauhaus restaurant review, Southbank, Melbourne Munich Brauhaus (45 S Wharf Promenade, South Wharf VIC 3006) is a popular Bavarian pub and restaurant on South Wharf Promenade.  While German food isn't staple food for me I do like to have it every now and then.  Keep in mind you have to love meat and particularly sausages otherwise stay clear.


Munich Brauhaus is perfect for large groups and a casual night out.  If you want a bit of quiet or ambiance this is not the place for you.


Hopefully you know what to expect if you are going to a German restaurant.  They really aren't a great option for vegetarians and it's best to expect you will feel very full.  Perfect with a few or many German beers.

German dessert

I guess you could regard German food as comfort food and it really makes a lot of sense in the Melbourne winters which are pretty cold.  The desserts in general aren't what I call exciting but to be fair you should keep your expectations in check.  This is German food.

In many ways, Munich Brauhaus is more of a pub than a restaurant.

pork hock

I've been to Munich Brauhaus a few times.  Of course it has a great location being on the Yarra and also being close to the DFO.  Being on the Yarra means that on those balmy and hot Melbourne evenings this is a great place to hang out and have a beer.

customer with food

It's also pretty easy to get to Munich Brauhaus if you are willing to walk a bit.  Just keep walking along Southbank and past the Melbourne Convention Centre.  This of course is perfect during the weekend.


I can also tell they do a roaring trade from conferences held at the Melbourne Convention Centre.  It's rather like a beer hall inside so you can tell it makes a great place for a boosey group of revellers.

beer hall

I really like Munich Brauhaus. It isn't pretentious and doesn't pretend to be what it isn't.  The food is pretty good although I wouldn't say exceptional.


Munich Brauhaus is more of a place to relax and chill and it accomplishes that with ease.  Recommended for the casual and laid back person


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Munich Brauhaus
Rating: 4
Would I go again: Yes and I have
Would I recommend to a friend: Yes

Telephone: 1300 686 424
Address: 45 S Wharf Promenade, South Wharf VIC 3006

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