Thursday, 9 February 2017

New Shanghai - Review - The Emporium (CBD)

New Shanghai (291/313 Lonsdale St, VIC 3000, The Emporium) is an attractive looking and modern Chinese restaurant in The Emporium.  As far as Asian restaurants go, New Shanghai is a step above.  It also happens to be part of a chain so maybe that's a good thing and maybe not depending on your point of view.  What matters most though is the food right?

New Shanghai is pretty attractive

As you can see, New Shanghai certainly delivers as far as layout and design goes.  It's definitely one of the nicer looking Chinese restaurants you are going to find in Melbourne.  It does look great and given it's location, there are plenty of Asian customers in and around The Emporium, Melbourne Central and Chinatown.  It also means plenty of competition too, so does New Shanghai deliver?

Like I said, New Shanghai looks the goods.

A bit of design goes a long way and New Shanghai stands out from the crowd.

However, while looks count so does the food.  New Shanghai has a pretty extensive menu and it's definitely more wide ranging than a few of the budget Chinese restaurants in Chinatown. 

I am not going to get into details on each dish other than to say that they are serviceable and that's about it.  They come as described but generally lack flavour, are a bit sparse and are over priced. What can I say but that is my experience.

In other words, given the number of Asian restaurants in The Emporium and Chinatown I'd recommend you take yourself on a bit of a walk and go elsewhere.

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New Shanghai
New Shanghai is a great looking Chinese restaurant with nice styling despite being part of a restaurant chain.  However, its looks really are it's only selling point.

The food is only okay and is combined with excessive pricing for what you get.  New Shanghai is for the curious but otherwise I'd recommend looking elsewhere.
Rating: 3 stars
Would I go again - Yes
Would I recommend to a friend - No

Telephone: (03) 9994 9386
291/313 Lonsdale St, VIC 3000, The Emporium
Reviewed by: Howie Be

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