Friday, 23 September 2016

Woo Ga - Restaurant Review - North Melbourne

Woo Ga (270 Victoria St, North Melbourne VIC 3051) in North Melbourne is a very popular Korean restaurant.  Put it this way, there was another Korean restaurant next door and people were queueing to come here.  That says something.
Woo Gaa Interior

The punters can't be wrong can they?  Well, Korean will never be my all time favorite type of food but I still enjoy it semi-frequently.  As you can see it looks like your typical Korean restaurant but if you've never seen these vent type tings hanging from the ceiling it's kind of cool.

Woo Gaa bbq meat

It goes without saying that Korean bbq is kind of a modern classic type of food these days.  Korean restaurants have sprung up everywhere in Melbourne.  Its bbq food but not really like a Western bbq.  Try it once and you'll know whether its your type of thing.

Woo Gaa kim chi

I think Woo Ga is one of the better Korean places going round and it has the added bonus of being across from Queen Victoria markets.  I'd say Korean bbq food is better in the Autumn, Winter and Spring parts of the year so if you've never tried go out and rush in right now.

Woo Gaa pancake

The Korean pancake is kind of a classic that you'll find in almost every Korean restaurant.  I think you'll find that Woo Ga's is one of the better examples.  It also looks pretty delicious on the plate.

The Korean salad is also a staple in Korean restaurants.  I've never really warmed up to this dish but if you like your veges you might like it.

A hot pot is hardly ground breaking news but is also a staple in Korean restaurants and other Asian cultures.  It's pretty good here at Woo Ga.

If you like Korean, Woo Ga should be on your list.  It's perfect for a group dinner with friends and is relatively attractiveIt seems to outshine its Korean neighbour next door so that's a huge plus point plus its in a nice central location.  
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Rating: 4
Would I recommend to a friend: Yes
Would I go again: Yes

Telephone: (03) 9328 1221
Address: 270 Victoria St, North Melbourne VIC 3051
Reviewed By: Howie Be

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