Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Waterfront Port Melbourne - Restaurant Review - Port Melbourne

The Waterfront Port Melbourne has a prime location.  Each time you go to Port Melbourne you'll see the Waterfront Port Melbourne restaurant and kind of wish you were dining there.  It's primo location sets the desire going.

Waterfront Port Melbourne seafood platter
Seafood platter

Now, on one of those perfect Melbourne days with the sun shining and no wind about, The Waterfront Port Melbourne is a worthy choice for lunch or dinner.  However, any other time it's almost a must avoid.  To be frank, the best thing about The Waterfront Port Melbourne is its location.  When the weather permits I can forgive them, any other time I'd pass them up.

Okay, maybe I'm a bit harsh but in general terms everything about The Waterfront Port Melbourne is middling.  Everything is okay.  Never poor but never 100% satisfying either.

Waterfront Port Melbourne fries

If you can get a discount voucher and want to try them during the Winter, I think that is a good way to try them out.  This way you'll avoid any overcrowding and get to make up your own mind.  Imagining being here on a nice summers day is hard to resist though.  They do have a great spot.

Waterfront Port Melbourne pannacotta

I think The Waterfront Port Melbourne has great potential to be rather good.  They don't have to do a lot extra and they could really improve themselves.  It would be nice to have something turn up on your plate and be really satisfied or impressed rather than feeling, its ok.

Waterfront Port Melbourne chocolate mousse

Don't get me wrong, in general terms everything is okay.  It's just that nothing seems special and that's kind of why we all like dining out.  To feel special.

So really, what you get at The Waterfront Port Melbourne is an all right dining experience that happens to be in a great location.  Sometimes that is enough but for me I was left wanting for more.

With some of your best friends on one of the tables with a great harbour view it's probably worth a try.  Just don't set your expectations too high as far as the food goes and you'll be happy.  For the avid foodie, stay clear.

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Rating: 3
Would I recommend to a friend: No
Would I go again: Yes but not any time soon (mainly for its location)

Telephone: (03) 9676 9180
Address: 1 Station Pier, Port Melbourne VIC 3207
Reviewed By: Howie Be

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