Thursday, 18 February 2016

Sam Sam - Review - Swanston St

Sam Sam is yet another of the Korean restaurants that keep popping up in the city.  Does Sam Sam stand out from the crowd or could you do better?  Here's what I think.

Sam Sam has almost  a dormitory like feel to it.  If you can somehow imagine a cavern like place that isn't very long that is kind of like Sam Sam.  Anyhow, despite the description, Sam Sam is actually quite nice.

Basic but in trend
Sam Sam utilises utensils that are somewhat old school but are equally quite trendy these days (see above) and you get the picture, literally! 

Sam Sam sign image

Sam Sam really delivers in the Korean fried chicken stakes.  This really is some of the best you can get in Melbourne in my book.  I generally try to stay clear of the fried chicken on health grounds but I am happy so say it's worth letting go of the rule book when you go to Sam Sam and dig into the fried chicken.  This really comes highly recommended and I do not say this very often so it is genuinely fantastic.

Fantastic Korean Fried Chicken. Dig In!
Fantastic Korean Fried Chicken. Dig In!
Sam Sam is not really fine dining.  It's kind of like a place to hang out with buddies and just relax.  It's perfect for this and the environment is buzzing.  It's pretty busy and I can see why.

On the noodle front, Sam Sam is about average.  It's not bad but it definitely does not stand out from the crowd.  Still, we can't eat fried chicken all of the time.

I like the vibe of Sam Sam and so do a lot of other people.  It's great for a casual meal if you are feeling peckish or crave some Korean fried chicken.  Gather your friends around and go to Sam Sam for the fired chicken.  I bet they'll be satisfied.  It's probably not the cheapest fried chicken around but it is certainly one of the best.

The fried chicken was so good I went there again within a few weeks and I try not to do repeat business as I need to go to new places to review.

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 Sam Sam
In a nutshell:  A surprisingly enjoyable Korean cafe/restaurant in the heart of the city.  It's really for the younger, studenty crowd and it certainly delivers.  A kind of urban hipster feel and great Korean fried chicken.  Perfect for a casual dinner, to wind down with friends and chew the fat. Casual, boisterous and some of the best Korean fried chicken I have had in a long time. 

Rating: 4 stars
Would I go again: Yes
Would I recommend to a friend: Yes

Telephone: N/A
Address: 209 Swanston Street, Melbourne
Reviewed By:  
Date Published: 18 February 2016

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