Thursday, 25 February 2016

Chow City - Review - Exhibition St, Melbourne CBD

Chow City (287 Exhibition St, Melbourne VIC 3000) is one of those places that you walk past and kind of think, I should go there one day but never do.  Should you keep on walking past or should you give them a go?
Chow City
Chow City is quite a trendy place.  I think it looks pretty attractive in the evening but somewhat underwhelming during daytime.  It's hard to convey but if you do make it to Chow City I think you would agree.

Anyway, for the evening or night owl in you, this is quite a cool little place even if it's only to have a drink.

Chow City seems to specialise in Asian/Western fusion styled tapas.  If you like tapas, I think Chow City could be right up your alley.  Now, these aren't going to be the biggest little dishes you'll ever have but they are tapas after all.  This is just a heads up if you should try Chow City.


Most importantly, does the Asian/Western hybrid work?  I would give it an astounding , yes.  The quality and mix of flavours is really good and they have quite a wide selection to choose from.  As far as price goes, the tapas are fair.

Chow City also happens to be quite a cool little bar.  It certainly wasn't busy when I went but I can imagine on a Friday night or with the right kind of crowd it would be a great place to hang out.  The interior lighting for the main bar is just very cool.  It's a pity the second room is out by itself and doesn't seamlessly join the main room.

Chow City has a great selection of cocktails at very fair prices.  It's worth splashing out if it's a special occasion.

The infamous second room of Chow City
While the tapas are only at a fair price I think the mains are better priced from a value perspective as well as being quite innovative.  You'll see a few unusual ingredients as well as taste combinations. 

Most importantly, the mains all taste great, and are full of flavour without being overpowering.  All round quite impressive.

Quite a trendy bar area
The lighting is actually a lot moodier than shown here.  Anyway, I think the bar area really is quite cool at Chow City.  Definitely, Chow City is for the younger crowd so don't come here for a dinner date unless it's on a week night.

This modern styled dessert actually works.  It's quite hard being innovative in the dessert area and the deconstructed desserts I've tried never seem to be as good as the original article.  I'm thankful they have foregone the deconstructed trend and worked through something different that still works. Nice!

Did I say the cocktails are fairly priced!

An all round nice environment and dining experience.  Give them a go and you might be pleasantly a good way.

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Chow City
In a nutshell: From what I can tell a hugely underrated cafe/bar/restaurant that deserves your attention.  A nice selection of Asian/Western hybrid tapas, innovative food all round at a great price and a great selection of cocktails and a cool environment, at least in the main room.  Recommended.

Rating: 4 stars
Would I go again: Yes
Would I recommend to a friend: Yes

Telephone: 03 8592 4923
Address: 287 Exhibition Street, CBD, Melbourne, VIC
Reviewed By:
Date Published: 25 February 2016

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