Thursday, 4 February 2016

Michelangelo - Review - Queen St, CBD

Michelangelo (215 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000) is one of those attractive and interesting places you walk by and think that someday you'll check them out.  Well, I finally did!
It looks very attractive and interesting from the outside
It looks very attractive and interesting from the outside
There is an old world charm to Michelangelo.  The food itself, the decor, the menu, it all seems kind of old fashioned.  This is going to be great for some and underwhelming for others.  I went during lunchtime and they seem to do quite good business so some people do like Michelangelo.

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In theme and style Michelangelo remind me of the famous Melbourne institution Pellegrini's.  However, in my opinion is that they do not compare.  I want to like Michelangelo more but I believe they are just a bit too plain.

The food at Michelangelo seems plain.  It's like there is a certain austerity to the food.  If simplicity is what you like you'll enjoy Michelangelo.  

I guess one big selling point to Michelangelo is the fair pricing.  However, while the pricing is fair I wouldn't say it is bargain.  Then again, for a city worker wanting something different for lunch, I can see the appeal of Michelangelo.

Old school charm
Old school charm
In a nutshell: Looks can be deceiving.  It's nice enough but I wanted more.  It looks so attractive and interesting from the outside but ultimately the food was a bit plain for my personal taste.  However, this is only me.  Based on my experience there it certainly seems to have many happy customers.

Rating: 3 stars  
Would I go again: No
Would I recommend to a friend: No

Telephone: (03) 9670 2157
Address: 215 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
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Published: 4 February 2016

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