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Elbow Room - Review - St Kilda

The Elbow Room in St Kilda (19 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda VIC 3182) is an attractive, smallish restaurant.  It has a nice fine dining feel and is probably best enjoyed in winter although of course, St Kilda being St Kilda is more likely to be frequented during the summer months.

The mixed platter is always a good option to share
The mixed platter is always a good option to share
The mixed platter is always a favourite of mine.  Some are obviously better than others and The Elbow Room's is probably middle of the pack.  Not outstanding but still, better than many.  In other words you should enjoy it.

All the meals are reasonably priced.  Neither cheap nor expensive.  There is an extensive selection of seafood as well as other staples such as steaks.  The Elbow Room does try to cover its bases which is understandable being in St Klida.

Nice selection of seafood
Nice selection of seafood
Also available are a variety of fajitas, pasta and their is a reasonable vegetarian menu as well.  As you can tell, I tried some of the seafood and pasta offerings.  I am happy to say it was good and definitely above average.  It all looked enticing on the plate and tasted great as well.
There is a winterish atmosphere to the Elbow Room
There is a winterish (in a positive way) atmosphere to the Elbow Room
The decor is definitely older styled, think dark'ish with a brooding atmosphere and lighting.  Still modern though  Great during winter, where you can be tucked away from the elements and enjoying your meal.
What makes The Elbow Room nice is the overall package.  The food is all of good quality, I enjoyed the surroundings and the good table service.  There is a wide selection of food and it's all at a respectable price.  I would definitely be happy to come back here again.

Creme Brulee
Creme Brulee

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 The Elbow Room
In a nutshell:  An attractive restaurant with its own sense of style.  Style wise its better suited to the winter months but will still be nice all year around.  Very nice modern styled food accompanied with great service.  A good option on the strip on the Fitzroy Street part of St Kilda.

Rating: 4 stars
Would I recommend to a friend: Yes
Would I go again: Yes

Telephone: (03) 9534 7332
Address: 19 Fitzroy St, St Kilda VIC 3182
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