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Orita's - Review - Toorak

Orita's is a fusion Japanese restaurant in Toorak.  It isn't the easiest place to find so you have to kind of search it out.  I am sure locals are in the know but for outsiders you are going to have to pay attention.

Orita's fusion Japanese restaurant sign
Orita's fusion Japanese restaurant
Orita's has a nice open modern feel that is also nice and cosy.  Perfect for a Winter Melbourne night.  It's not sparkly modern but nice all the same.

An attractive and cosy atmosphere
An attractive and cosy atmosphere
Orita's isn't the biggest place so you might have to book ahead.  I have no real idea how popular Orita's is but in general terms it makes a nice impression.

The food definitely has a modern feel to it and I like that.  The servings are not necessarily gigantic but that means you can go for broke and try more of the menu.  There are always pluses to be found somewhere!

Orita's has quite an extensive menu.  There is plenty of seafood and a nice array of beef options if that takes your fancy.  I'd say it has one of the better menu's around so if you are keen on your Japanese this might be a good option for you.

Orita's also offer a degustation menu so if that is your kind of thing it's worth considering.  Please check out some other independent reviews as I haven't tried their degustation.

Sashimi is an all time favourite image
Sashimi is an all time favourite

Generally I would say the food at Orita's is good, interesting but not necessarily outstanding.

I like the simple presentation of the food and the service was good.  A bonus I guess of going Japanese compared to going to a typical Chinese restaurant.  A stereotype I know but generally also true.

You can see that Orita's seem to have a fascination of smearing whatever sauce accompanies the main ingredient (around the plate).  It works to some degree but is no longer cool so too speak.

I know, I am being picky but it starts to become evident when you begin reviewing the images.  I am no designer so I don't know what else could be done on the decorative front but it is just an observation.

There is definitely a spartaness to the dishes but it generally suits Japanese food.  I quite like it.

Overall, Orita's is quite a good restaurant.  It has a nice cosy, modern feel that is very welcoming.  The food is generally of a high standard and there is an extensive menu.  However, I wouldn't make a special trip to go there.  

This is a good but not exceptional restaurant.  Given that, if I lived semi-locally I would definitely come back every now and then.

Green tea ice cream (of course) image
Green tea ice cream (of course)

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Rating: 3
Summary: Orita's is an above average restaurant that is good but doesn't elevate itself to where it could get to.

Would I go again: Yes
Would I recommend to a friend: Yes (for locals)  

Address: 34 Jackson St, Toorak VIC 3142
Reviewed By:  
Date published: 7-1-2016 
Telephone: (03) 9826 2111

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