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Kluska - Restaurant Review - Dandenong

Kluska (161 Foster Street, Dandenong VIC 3175) is a Polish restaurant in Dandenong.  It's in a bit of an old fashioned looking building which kind of matches a cliched idea of Poland.

The staff are welcoming and friendly and the place is kind of busy which I like.

Kluska seems to be a small family run business and I like these types of businesses to continue.  They add variety in a world in a timeless pursuit of everything new. Kluska is actually a bit of a time warp in a nice way.

Zupy (Polish Soup) image
Zupy (Polish Soup)
This is a bit like old fashioned.  This is like having a packet of chicken noodle soup in the 1980's.  I kid you not.  You might want to try it just to see if you believe me.  Initially it is very underwhelming but I can live with it. Definitely not special but certainly memorable.
Hot borscht, the kind most popular in the majority of cultures, is a hearty soup. It is almost always made with a pork or beef broth. It usually contains starchy vegetables such as potatoes and beets, but may also contain carrots or capsicums.

If you go to a Polish restaurant you have to have borscht.  It is an iconic soup even for a person coming from New Zealand.

I personally cannot tell an average borscht from a good or excellent borscht.  However, I liked mine so I have no complaints.
Pierogi (Polish dumpling)
Mixed Pierogi (Polish dumpling)
Pierogi are dumplings and come with a variety of different fillings, meat and vegetable. What I really liked about the mixed platter was that I didn't know what to expect with each dumpling.  They were all different.

Pierogi do look a bit austere on the plate but I guess you could say you get used to the look. My favourite happened to be a vegetable mushroom filling. I was surprisingly satisfied with the pierogi.  One of the highlights of the night.
Paczek (Traditional Polish donut)
Paczek (Traditional Polish donut)

Biala (White Polish Sausage) image
Biala (White Polish Sausage)
Traditional white Polish sausage served with pickled cabbage, green salad, mustard, horse radish and bread.  If you come to Kluska you really have to try the biala.  It's what you imagine Polish food to be like.  Overall, it's probably not the most exciting dish ever but if you are having Polish for the first time you have to give it  a try.
Bigos (Sauerkraut Stew)
Bigos (Sauerkraut Stew)
Bigos is quite literally sauerkraut stew.  This is basically cabbage cooked for five hours with some diced beef, pork sausage and flavoured with dried prunes and red wine.  it seems to have a lot of ingredients but heart on hearts this dish really depends on if you like sauerkraut.  If you like sauerkraut you'll likely enjoy it, if you don't, well the extra ingredients are not going to make much of a difference.

I quite like it but it certainly isn't going to be everyones cup of tea.  
Knedle (Fruit filled dumpling)
Knedle (Fruit filled dumpling)
Knedle is a fruit filled dumpling with strawberry sprinkled with vanilla sugar accompanied with strawberry syrup.  This is kind of interesting but not as appetizing as I hoped.  The dough of the dumpling is very similar to Chinese dumplings rather than a pastry that I can of had in mind.  It is what it is but if you prefer real pastry be warned ahead of time.  
Paczek (Traditional Polish donut)
Paczek (Traditional Polish donut)
Well a donut is a donut really.  It is a Polish donut but I wouldn't say it was special in any articular way.

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Rating - 3.5
Would I go again - No
Would I recommend to  a friend - Yes (Worth a try for something different and traditional.  Be prepared to go a bit old school though)

Kluska Telephone: (03) 9793 2154
Address: 161 Foster Street, Dandenong VIC 3175
Reviewed By: Howie Be

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