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The Crab Shack - Restaurant Review - Wellington

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I am adding a few blogs from Wellington, New Zealand as I am a semi-frequent visitor there. These will be mid week posts so rest assured this is really a Melbourne food blog.

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You never know when you might make a visit across the ditch though.
Casual dining environment with great atmosphere
Casual dining environment with great atmosphere

The Crab Shack  (Shed 5, Queens Wharf, Wellington 6011, New Zealand) is more of a casual restaurant in design and feel but with very good quality food and great atmosphere, no doubt because it is so popular.  Being part of the iconic Shed 5 must help.  The Crab Shack it seems is over shadowing Shed 5 which ironically seems to have had its day.

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Located on the Wellington Waterfront, the Crab Shack is certainly a nice place to go out. You can enjoy the view while being protected from any of the prevailing winds that might be about.  Very important in good old Wellington. 

Prawn cocktail.  Very retro now days I must say.
Prawn cocktail.  Very retro now days I must say.
Fundamentally, the most important aspect is the food and The Crab Shack delivers.  There are a few specialty crab dishes as well as a great array of more general seafood dishes on the menu.  You must of course try the crab.
Crab and clam fettuccine. Yum.
Crab and clam fettuccine. Yum.
For the beginner crab eater I would suggest the 1kg New Zealand paddle crab.  I can heartily recommend this.  It has a moderate price for such  a dish and if you really enjoy it you can branch out next time for the more extravagant crab items on the menu.

Be prepared to get a bit messy though.  All worth it of course.
Raw fish platter
On a small down note the raw fish board is somewhat underwhelming.  It looks nice on the plate but the dipping sauce is a bit overpowering and i'd suggest how the fish is cut is below the standard at any of the inexpensive Japanese sushi stores around the city.  A tad disappointing.

The crab and clam fettuccine was fantastic.  A nice mixture of the clams and crab with quite intense but not overpowering flavours.  The seafood was generally very good although they seems to overcook the larger clams a bit.  Still all round this was very good and i was more than satisfied and would eat again.  For the super hungry though I warn you that this dish isn't super large.  Quality however is very good.

If you couldn't tell, I really enjoyed the Crab Shack and would happily go there again.

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The Crab Shack
Rating - 4.5
Would I go again - Yes
Would I recommend to a friend -Yes

Crab Shack Telephone: +64 4-916 4250
Crab Shack Address: Shed 5, Queens Wharf, Wellington 6011, New Zealand
Reviewed By: Howie Be
The Crab Shack napkin
The Crab Shack

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