Monday, 16 March 2015

Cafe Breton - Review - 20 Brandon Street, Wellington 6011, New Zealand

Cafe Breton (20 Brandon Street, Wellington 6011, New Zealand) is a French cafe in Wellington, New Zealand.  This is an additional random post but may be of interest to those venturing to New Zealand on a holiday.

French Crepes
Any kind of French cafe or restaurant offers a bit of intrigue to  a non French person.  Well, that's my thinking.  So when I came across, Cafe Breton I couldn't help but feel tempted to give them a go, so to speak..

As you can see from my crepe above, it looks quite glorious on the plate.  It does look very tempting I have to admit.  If someone served that up to me, I'd be right in.

Sadly, it kind of tasted only average.  Thay may be more a case of my selection, rather Cafe Breton however, it was disappointing.

Salmon with scrambles eggs
Well, this hardly looks very French even if it sounded like it was from the menu.  Personally, this was a major disappointment.  Presentation wise its a bit of a right off and taste wise, strictly okay.  As for the scrambled eggs, frankly, most cafes overcook the eggs and Cafe Breton was no exception.  This was certainly very average.

As to Cafe Breton's appearance, its kind of interesting and does invite the casual passerby to come in.  It is a good design.
From the menu as seen below, it is extensive.  For cafe food I am sure you should be able to find something suitable for your palate.  Now, whether you would actually go in is up to you but generally I would say look for a better place to spend your hard earnt dollars. 
A comprehensive menu is on offer
Cafe Breton
Rating - 3
Would I recommend to a friend - No
Would I go again - No

Telephone: +64 4-473 6576
Address: 20 Brandon Street, Wellington 6011, New Zealand
Reviewed By: Howie Be

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