Thursday, 7 August 2014

Hu Tiem Mi Phong Dinh - Review - Barkly St, Footscray

Hu Tiem Mi Phong Dinh is yet another Vietnamese restaurant in Footscray.  Nothing wrong with this but I always do wonder how they all survive.  Hu Tiem Mi Phong Dinh has been around a few years now and is probably in the middle tier as far as popularity goes in Footscray.

 You can't really miss Hu Tiem Mi Phong Dinh.  Its signage really stands out and it does have an outside area (for the smokers).  Inside, Hu Tiem Mi Phong Dinh is moderately attractive and sort of modern.  It does quite work out seamlessly and some kind of feature art would elevate the place.  Still, compared to lots of Asian restaurants its probably in the upper echelon.
 Of course, one of my favourite entrees of the Vietanamese kind are the betel leaves stuffed with beef.  These are a real stand out and nice and moist. The accompanying sauce was probably on the average kind but the stuffed betel leaves with beef were certainly good.  They continue to be one of my favourites.
Stuffed betel leaves with beef
 Of course, the specialty of Vietname cuisine is pho or noodles for the rest of us. Well, to defy tradition I had curry laksa which is really a Malaysian dish rather than Vietnamese.
Seafood Curry Laksa
In the quality stakes this wan't the best laksa I've ever had.  Either the coconut cream was of the lite variety or was just watered down too much.  Anyway, it was in general lacking in a bit of flavour beside the lack of creaminess.
Seafood curry laksa
The spicy beef pho was certainly better.  Again, I wouldn't say this was in the top echelon within the sphere of Footscray Vietnamese restaurants.  Not bad but not a standout either.
The environment at Hu Tiem Mi Phong Dinh isn't bad.  It does cry out for more customers though to improve the atmosphere.  I should say the customer service was pretty good here as well.
Seafood curry laksa
The food didn't come out the speediest but my argument is that it meant it wasn't just sitting there pre-prepared and was coming out fresh.

A great thing about having pho is that you always have plenty of veges to go with it.  I'll never figure out why Vietnamese chillies are some of the hottest out there but they can be put to good use challenging your friends to who can eat the most.  Keep reminding everyone that the benefit is a speedier metabolism to burn through those calories. 

Hu Tiem Mi Phong Dinh
Rating - 4
Would I go again - I have
Would I recommend to a friend - No

Telephone: 9077-9098
Address: 152 Hopkins St, Footscray
Reviewed By: Howie Be

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