Friday, 8 November 2013

Gravy Train - Review - Seddon

The Gravy Train in Seddon (83 Gamon St, Yarraville VIC 3013) is a nice suburban cafe.  Probably its greatest feature is its nice open courtyard at the front which is perfect if the sun comes out.
Unfortunately for the Gravy Train it comes with lots of stiff competition across the road and on the main shopping strip in Seddon.  From my personal experience the competition offers better food and customer experience.  Maybe the staff were having a bad day when I was there but I wasn't left with the greatest experience and this was not a busy day.
On the plus side the Gravy Train provides a very generous serving so there is no way that you will go away starving.  I am all for generous servings but equally a bit of subtlety and style can make the meal seem that bit more special.  I can't complain though and a big breakfast is hardly an area for subtlety I guess.
A very generous big breakfast
If you like your cakes maybe the Gravy Train may have something to your liking.  I'm not a big cake fan unless its for afternoon tea or a dessert with dinner.  They do have a nice selection though and maybe this is the area where their originality does shine.

The scrambled eggs kind of follow the script of the big breakfast.  In fact they kind of look the same.  Believe it or not the actually are different.  Anyway, in the age of Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules the scrambled eggs at lots of cafes are left wanting.  They nearly always are overcooked and I do like mine with folded in cream and slightly runny.  Maybe I am asking for too much but this is being paid for after all.
Scrambled Eggs
So too sum up I would go here if I lived on one of the neighbouring streets but I am really hard pressed to recommend this above the surrounding competition who are definitely more tempting in more than one way.

Gravy Train
Rating - 3
Would I go again - No
Would I recommend to a friend - No

Telephone: (03) 9687 9866
Address: 83 Gamon Street, Yarraville VIC 3013
Reviewed By: Howie Be
Nice open courtyard for when the sun comes out

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