Friday, 17 May 2013

The Strand - Review - Williamstown

The Strand is a stylish restaurant in Williamstown with great water views of Melbourne.  A grandiose name but thankfully they live up to it.  It is on a prominent corner of the shopping district although slightly separate from the restaurant district.

The decor is modern contemporary with a touch of class.  The food is also excellent with a modern presentation and style.  The menu also has a good selection of seafood mixed with a wide selection of other gourmet dishes.  On this particular night the chef was having a bit of a problem getting the orders correct.  However, the pleasant staff and excellent food more than made up for this.

The saganaki with witloof and walnut salad was fantastic.  Certainly not a dish your doctor or dietician is going to recommend but oh so good!  Whenever this is on the menu it is definitely hard to refuse.  Anyway, this certainly lives up to expectations.
Again, the soft-shell crab is another dish to get your heart racing.  This is just such  a popular dish right now.  It seems to pop up on the menu all the time but even so a good soft shell crab is hard to pass up.  I am pleased to report that The Strand delivers.  This is a dish where if its wrong, your heart bleeds, usually with overflowing oil.  This was excellent and the accompanying salad whiler slightly a bit too acidic for my taste matched the crab just right.
Soft shell crab
The whole baby snapper with auberguine was another superb dish.  Keep in mind a baby snapper does have a fair few bones so I'd recommend thinking about this if you did venture to try this.  It was nicely done with the crispy skin done just right and they kept the fish meat tender and moist.  Great. 
Whole baby snapper

What's not to like about a 500gm rib eye steak!  As you can see this was immaculately presented.  It came as ordered, meaning medium rare and the herbed butter was good although perhaps too salty for my taste - your mileage will vary. The potato stack was nicely layered and you could tell there was plenty of butter in there.  Bad for the heart, but the creamyness and oil certainly make for a great potato.  Enjoy and don't feel guilty about it.
Rib eye steak image
Rib eye steak
As you can tell, The Strand lives up to its name and is well worth it if you venture out to Williamstown.

The Strand
Rating - 4
Would I recommend to a friend - Yes
Would I go again - Yes

Telephone: 03 9397 7474
Address: 1 The Strand Williamstown VIC 3016
Reviewed By: Howie Be

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