Friday, 29 March 2013

Footscray Milking Station - Review - Footscray

The Footscray Milking Station's (35 Bunbury St, Footscray ) reputation precedes itself. Thanks to some good publicity I believe people are seeking it out even without any marketing or signage.  In fact its hard to believe that the place even exists.

Nice open modern interior
Nice open modern interior
Anyway, with a dearth of Western style eateries in Footscray it automatically puts itself in a good market position if the food and styling is anyway half decent. I wouldn't say the food here puts itself in the outstanding category but its definitely in the more than good enough so its going to please most people. 
A photo without its namesake wouldn't seem right
A photo without its namesake wouldn't seem right
The menu is contemporary styled but without anything too original.  My Milking Station Breakfast is a bit sparse looking and would probably look a bit more appealing with some greens, say some spinach.  Its nice enough and the hash brown is at least home cooked rather than the ubiquitous rectangular hash brown looking like its from a production line and taken from the freezer.

The asparagus omelette is certainly very nice and tastes great.  I'd recommend this if I went there again.  Its also very attractive on the plate so I say dig in.
Apetizing asparagus omelette image
Apetizing asparagus omelette
I have to say that if its not windy or you can get a table or seat away from the entrance this is a nice cafe to seek out and enjoy if you are in the Footscray area or want to try something outside of Yarraville.

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Footscray Milking Station
Rating - 3
Would I recommend it to a friend - No
Would I go there again - Yes but not for a good while

Telephone: (03) 9029 9240
Address: 35 Bunbury St, Footscray VIC 3011
Reviewed By: Howie Be

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