Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Melissa - Review - Altona

Melissa is a cafe on the High street of Altona. Although Melissa cakes is a bit of a chain they usually manage to have a bit of individual character although the Altona cafe happens to be one of the worst.  I like Melissa in 118 Smith Street, Collingwood as it feels old school and matches the Smith Street perfectly.  The cakes also seem to be more authentic at the Collingwood store or maybe I'm just being nostalgic.
The cakes at Melissa (Altona) are of a generally good standard and you'll certainly be satisfied. Nothing really stands out as exceptional though so I would never make a special trip to come here.  Cetainly a great stop to get some nice cakes to take down to the beach on a nice day though. 
As you can see Melissa (Altona) is modern and open with a tiny pretense to be different.  In all honesty its an average attempt and doesn't stand out as having any unique character.  Nice bad but nothing too memorable either.
All said and done though I would still go there again if I was in the neighbourhood so I guess its doing something right.

Rating - 3
Would I go again - Yes
Would I recommend to a friend - No

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