Friday, 15 February 2013

Dinknesh Lucy - Review - Footscray

Dinknesh Lucy (227 Barkly St, Footscray) is an African restaurant in Footscray.  There are quite a few African restaurants to choose from here so after a while you can establish the better ones from the average.  From the exterior its your typical African and dare I say it Footscray looking restaurant.

Dinknesh Lucy is certainly busy enough and the apparent return customers seems to indicate a reasonably good place.  On further investigation most of these customers seem to be Western customers and perhaps they are not as discerning as myself. 

Injera (fresh African bread)

The Lucy Meat combination is okay but that's about it.  The yebeg wot, yebeg alicha Bozena shiro, cabbage served with special mild chicken sounds good but I guess the food court styled presentation just did not impress.

Lucy Meat Combination
The Yebeg Alicha or tender lamb stewed with spiced curry onions, garlic, ginger and jalapeno pepper is pretty good.  However, all said and done I have had better African in Footscray and left a bit disappointed.
Dinknesh Lucy
Rating - 3Would I recommend to a friend - No
Would I go again - No

Telephone: (03) 9687 8644
Address: 227 Barkly Street, Footscray VIC 3011
Reviewed By: Howie Be


  1. Interesting an American tourist,dinknesh Lucy was amazing..i am aware blacks r new arrival to Australia,& mainstream Australian r not used to seeing some one African descent little alone eat in afro restaurant..its little sad your conclusion but then Australia is not America or Europe wer they have old established black population..but as an American tourist I did enjoy dinknesh Lucy and I think Footscray is the only area that could be any American city,the diversity..i didn't even look the menu of dinknesh Lucy to order ,I have eaten dinknesh Lucy restaurant in America many times..but Australia is interesting nation

  2. Apologies if you were upset in any way about my review. I have been to a few African restaurants in Footscray and Newtown in Melbourne and unfortunately Dinknesh Lucy was a bit disappointing. I was talking about the food rather than any slight against African people.

    I am all for ethnic diversity, experiencing other cultures and the general melting pot of humanity that exists in Footscray and Melbourne in general.

    My personal preferences in Footscray of African food would be at:

    Cafe Lalibela; or
    Awash African Restaurant.

    However, this is my personal opinion only. Best wishes and hope you enjoyed Footscray. Howie Be.