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Joe's Bar and Dining Hall - Review - St Kilda

Apparently Joe's was or is a bit of an institution in St Kilda.  I cannot vouch for this but the newly renovated Joe's is a moderately priced restaurant/bar that punches above its weight.  From my  experience the food is definitely above the usual standard - a very pleasant surprise.  Joe's menu is very varied for this type of venue and is to be high commended.  It kind of has a higher class (selection) menu for the prices it is charging.  Of course, quality is more important that just price and I am happy to say that the quality is very good.

Joe's decor is modern and open with a central area to order drinks.  There is a sprinkling of artwork adorning the walls which while not avant garde is not just run of the mill either.  The place could do with a bit of sound proofing as it can get loud but I like the place.  The table service is also very good.

A starter of quick deep fried whitebait is good but not great.  It perfect for two or more people though.  It probably a bit salty but as a starter I kind of think its an ideal choice and is something a bit different.  I recommend it but be prepared to load your tastebuds up with salt.
Deep fried whitebait

I am not a huge fan of Barramundi.  In fact I find it overrated, however, today I am immeasurably happy to say I have had the best Barramundi I've had in Australia.  The Barramundi fillet, crispy potato rosti, poached wild mushrooms and salsa verde with pinenuts is verging on devine.  It has a bit much olive oil otherwise this is a superb dish.  The Barramundi itself was exceptional and cannot be faulted.
Barramundi fillet with potato rosti
The smoked chilli marinaded baby chicken and seasonal vegetables doesn't reach the heights of the Barramundi.  Maybe its because chicken isn't really that exciting.  Anyway, there is nothing particularly wrong with the smoked baby chicken.  Its just not exceptional.  
Smoked chilli baby chicken
Anyway, overall I am very impressed with Joe's and can wholeheartedly recommend it.

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Joe's Bar and Dining Hall Rating - 4
Would I go again - Yes
Would I recommend to a friend - Yes

Telephone: 03 9525 3755
Address: 64-66 Acland St  St Kilda, VIC 3182
Reviewd By: Howie Be

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