Saturday, 14 April 2012

Lanes Edge - Review - Bourke St

At the top end of Bourke St is a little cafe bar called Lanes Edge with loads of character and is a perfect place to unwind after a hards days work.  If you are looking of a businessy type of place you are out of luck here. Think indie, studenty, laid back.  Its right in the heart of the city and is very unassuming.  If you are not careful you'll easily miss it.

Its kind of grungy (but not in the dark sense), has what appears to be an okay dining menu but more importantly a bit of character in a central location.  If you've had a hard day in the office it might be your cup of tea.  Its definitely not going to suit everybody but you should get a bit of an idea from the photo's on what its kind of like. Me, I like it.

The service was very good and its kind of like a two for one kind of place.  The front of Lanes Edge by the pavement is almost totally different to the back.  Its open, airy and light at the rear but dingy and narrow and dark at the front.  Try it and you'll know what I mean.

I believe this is a great place if its hot and sunny although it may be pretty good in Winter as well. Its nice and casual and different for something on Bourke St.
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Lanes Edge
Rating - 3.5
Would I go again - Yes
Would I recommend to a friend - Yes

Telephone: (03) 9654 2409
Address: 39 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Reviewed By: Howie Be

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