Saturday, 11 February 2012

Sambal Kampung - Review - Little Collins Street, CBD

Chinatown is obviously stacked with restaurants. Most are of the cheaper variety so its pretty hard to choose between them. From the outside Sambal Kampung looks interesting. For one thing it has Malaysian food as well as Chinese so as a point of differentiation that's a good thing. From appearances you would place this restaurant above the true el-cheapo's.

When I went Sambal Kampung was pretty busy so on that count alone it is promising. However, the food is barely of takeaway level. I am a sucker for calamari dishes. I keep giving them a try despite having had numerous below par meals. Anyway, the Malaysian styled calamari was a real disappointment. It was clearly overcooked and you had the feeling that it had been sitting under a heat lamp for quite a while.

The fried rice and slow cooked pork belly were probably par. In other words if you are in Chinatown I highly recommend that you stay clear of Sambal Kampung.  Maybe in a few years time things will be different but I own't be back for five or six years.

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Sambal Kampung
Rating - 2.5
Would I recommend to a friend - No.
Would I go back again - No. 

Telephone:(03) 9602 2383
Address: 369 Little Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Reviewed By: Howie Be

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