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Mosaic - Review - Altona

Its summertime and when the mercury rises many of us end up at the beach. If you're in the western suburbs of Melbourne you're going to venture close to home. Who wouldn't? The obvious restaurant district is therefore Williamstown. To be honest, the quality here varies widely and typically isn't that special. So for something different why not head to Mosaic in Altona.  Be warned though that Altona certainly has a different feel to Williamstown.

Anyway, Mosaic is a modern looking restaurant lacking a bit of individual character but nice all the same. Demographic wise its clients do not seem to be the younger crowd. That can be taken as a positive or negative depending on who you are. What I like about Mosaic is that its menu stands out from so many. I wouldn't say it is super special but its pleasantly different. It has a wide array of seafood and has a semi unique grilled menu.  These little differences are perfect for a seaside restaurant.

Today for a change I had the Oysters Kilpatrick.  I often think that it is such  a waste to eat oysters this way but if you love oysters any oyster is a thing of pleasure. Now I cannot really judge a great Oysters Kilpatrick from a bad one. I'd say that this was reasonably good but not outstanding.
Oysters Kilpatrick are always a treat
Oysters Kilpatrick are always a treat
The 500gms bbq pork ribs are special as far as these things go.  There is plenty of pork, it was tender and juicy and the marinade was tasty without being overly salty. I also enjoyed that the meat didn't seem artificially tender which is sometimes how you feel at some asian restaurants. In other words this dish is a winner.
Grilled pork spareribs image
Grilled pork spareribs
The grilled Port Lincoln jumbo prawns served with lemon mustard coleslaw and roast potatoes is similarly great.  The 'jumbo' may be a bit misleading mainly because it raises your expectations too high but this is a delightful meal as well. the attached sauce for the prawns is subtle and not overbearing, the roast potatoes about perfect and the coleslaw sliced to perfections and in a perfect portion.
Grilled Port Lincoln Prawns image
Grilled Port Lincoln Prawns
This meal was a pleasant surprise and Mosaic is well worth a visit if you are in the vicinity.

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Rating - 4
Would I recommend to a friend - Yes
Would I go again - Yes

Telephone: 03 9398 4488
Address: 48 Pier St  Altona, VIC 3018
Reviewed By: Howie Be

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