Friday, 9 December 2011

Tin Pan Alley - Review - Seddon

Its always nice going somewhere local. By local I mean walking distance. Today its to a local pizzeria. Now it seems to me that pizzeria's are popping up all over the place in Melbourne these days - they seem to be everywhere.

So its off to Tin Pan Alley in Seddon. Its modern and unassuming. There is a bit of artwork and all the furniture is new, comfortable and unpretentious. Its also kind of unmemorable like so many restaurants these days. 

Tin Pan Alley offers a wide selection of pizza's of course. But what makes Tin Pan Alley stand out is its grazing (graze) menu. Offerings include beef carpaccio, carrot and saganaki fritters, hot peppers with sherry soaked muscatels and feta, chargrilled asparagus walnut crema with parmagiano reggiano and more. As you can tell there is quite a selection and they are not run of the mill. They also have a neat set of pre-dinner drinks that I am sure some will enjoy.

I tried the beef carpaccio and while a tad disappointing from a presentation point of view it tasted nice enough. I wouldn't say fantastico and next time I'd probably go for the carrot and saganaki fritters. Both tasty and bad for the heart but oh so nice.

The salsiccia suprema pizza with chilli pork fennel sausage, chorizo, smoked kransky, Lyonaise sausage, black pudding, Mozarella, anchovy and quail egg doesn't miss a beat ingredients wise. That's a mouthful in anyone's book. Its a thin crusted pizza and its satisfying. I'm not a big pizza fan so while I was happy I can't say I would order this again in a hurry.

Next was a dessert pizza off the specials menu. Fresh blackberries cover a blackberry  jam base with vanilla bean icecream. Again its serviceable. The icecream is what makes this pizza. It really comes down to if you like the idea of the jam base. If you do you'll be happy. 

Now all said and done while my words may not be glowing I would go back again. I'd like to try more off the graze menu and relook the pizza's. 

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Tin Pan Alley
Rating - 4
Would I come again - Yes
Would I recommend to a friend - No

Telephone: 03 9687 4582
Address: 160 Victoria Street  Seddon, VIC 3011
Reviewed By: Howie be

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