Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Its Christmas day so it only seems appropriate to include a Christmas meal. While strictly not a restaurant you can choose to dine at today I am showcasing dinner at the River Room in Crown Casino. This is essentially a paid for work dinner but never the less hopefully it is of some interest to you.

Alas I have no pictures of the entrees that were served. So all I can do is describe that the two entrees were firstly, a seafood tower with sesame crusted tuna, marinated prawn and smoked salmon and cucumber salad with tomato and avacado salsa and citrus dressing. Unfortunetly I did not get to taste this dish. It looked fantastic and I wish I could have tried it. I had the smoked duck breast and leg confit with mache salad, cabernet onion jam, roasted pear and hazelnut dressing. It was immaculately presented and tasted great but I was still left wishing I could have tried the other entree.
Classic Rib-Eye
One of the main dishes was a grilled beef rib eye with rosemary scented new potatoes and baby spinach, french beans with grain mustard, buttered onion rings, Cafe de Paris butter and natural jus. You did not even get to select whether you wanted the rib eye, well done, medium, rare or in between. Thankfully it was medium rare so I was satisfied but for some others they may not have been as pleased. As for the rib eye itself it was full of flavour, perfectly medium-rare and the extras satisfying. The onion rings are either you love them or hate them. Personally I would be happy to go without but atleast it adds some originality to an otherwise standard dish.
Modern Roast Chicken

The other main was a roast grain fed chicken breast with fondant potato and pumpkin, grilled baby leeks and asparagus, tarragon vinaigrette and natural jus. A bit like the rib eye this isn't a particularly original offering but everything tasted great and it was well presented. As a corporate dinner it fulfilled its goal.

The dessert was a Christmas plum pudding with brandy custard, vanilla ice cream, brandied cherries and pistachios. Its kind of expected that you will get a Christmas pudding so I am happy that they at least made a plum variant. What makes a Christmas pudding stand out from the crowd is the sauce or custard that comes with it. Unfortunately this isn't a one that makes you go wow.

Plum Christmas Pudding
The little biscuits that come with the coffee do stand out as something a bit special. They don't taste that spectacular but they certainly look great. As a corporate Christmas dinner I am not giving a rating.
Christmas bikkies

I hope you have a very special Christmas and New Year.

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