Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Italian on Southbank

Most of us like quality Italian so dining out in Southbank having great Italian has got to be good. Onwards to restauraunt Scusami. This overlooks the Yarra and is on level two so things are looking good so far. The interior is nice in the modern kind of way although may be a bit dark for some tastes.

Well, it looks appealing and the menu is modern Australian. This is both good and bad. There is a selection of Italian then the generic menu. Why generic. Well it seems that the common combination of a risotto, a classic beef steak, chicken breast, duck, etc, is everywhere. Its nice to cover your bases but some originality would be nice.

I tried the duck mushroom risotto. I know that risotto is meant to be firm but I am sure that this was overly so. Anyway, the waiter seemed to defend the chef very strongly that it was meant to be as it was. Well I was disappointed and the amount of both mushrooms and duck was a bit on the light side too.

On to the lamb. Well this was better but to be honest wasn't spectacular. Maybe my expectations for a Southbank restaurant were too high. Anyway, while I enjoyed my dish neither would I rave on about it.

So overall the food is okay or marginally better than average, its in a nice location and the surroundings are pleasant enough. The pricing is fair and the service is pretty good. So my ratings are as follows.

Would I go again - No
Would I recommend to a friend - No

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