Thursday, 13 October 2011

Prahan Market Deli

Everyone loves to go to their local market in the weekends. I'm no exception. The closest ones to me are South Melbourne Market and Prahan Market. Personally one of my favourites is Little Saigon in Footscray but that's for another day.

Anyway, in the weekend just I ventured to Prahan Market on Sunday afternoon. Now this really isn't the day to go so I really recommend going on Saturday if you want to enjoy a better vibe and more open shops.

Now this market is predominantly a meat, vege market and a delicatessen. I have to say that as far as meat and vege markets go, Prahan is kind of sterile. Its definitely nice, clean and tidy but that does come at an expense. It just doesn't feel like your normal market. I guess being Prahan, it also does not really have what you expect in the way of market prices. 

There's also an array of cafe's as well.

The great redeeming feature of Prahan Market is its delicatessen area. There is a great variety of fresh Greek and Italian goods. Homemade spaghetti, lasagne, pastries, sweets, moussaka, olives, cheese. You name it, its here.   

This weekend I tried the loukoumades (a Greek version of donuts with honey and cinnamon) and       
galaktoboureko (basically a version of vanilla slice only better). Well the donuts are donuts so they are kind of plain in the flavour front but no complaints from me. I quite enjoyed them actually but an option to have with chocolate sauce would really make them shine. I'll look for that next time.

The shining light had to be the galaktoboureko. This has a milder texture than your usual vanilla slice and the texture is lighter. I definitely recommend this if you happen to come across it.

The next time I'm at Prahan market I'll highlight some other of the highlights.
Galaktoboureko (Similar to vanilla slice)
Would I come again - Yes
Would I recommend to a friend - Yes

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