Monday, 10 October 2011

Degraves Offers Plenty Of Choice

Well any visitor to Melbourne is likely to make a visit to Degraves St. Its pretty much  a must do, especially given its location close to Flinders St Station.

Anyway, there are so many choices its best to just wander down the street and go to what takes your fancy. It gets pretty busy so some of the most popular places will be no can do, if you know what I mean.

Well it's not really an upmarket area so the cafes and restaurants can probably be deemed in the mid price range in cost and quality although there are a few exceptions.

I am going to comment on RMB today. This is a small, old fashioned kind of place. Old fashioned because it isn't pretentious and doesn't try and make itself look pretty. It's not bad inside although its compact and could be regarded as being a tiny bit messy. Its not for all tastes although I didn't mind it.

I went it in the evening as I don't really frequent the area during the day.

 It can be described as pseudo Italian. It does more than Italian but Italian does dominate the menu. Its also one of those places where you think because it's Italian the food is going to be more than average. Unfortunately don't have those expectations or you may be disappointed. My chicken breast with scallops tasted pretty good. Not exceptional but satisfying. 

Seafood Napoli spaghetti
On the other hand the spaghetti with napoli styled sauce, salmon and assorted seafood was more of the average variety. The sauce was ok and the pasta overcooked. That could have been to do with timing but still, when I'm paying I'd prefer that I knew the pasta wasn't just sitting there getting over-cooked.

The food then can be described as average but with just above average prices.

Would I go again - No.
Would I recommend to a friend - No.
Would I make a special visit - No.

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