Monday, 17 October 2011

Babble On Babylon - Review - Elwood

Today I'm going to comment on a local cafe 'Babble On Babylon' in Elwood. I'm saying local because its really not going to attract other people other than locals due to its location. Sorry to bore you but this is a heads up so if you don't live near Elwood you might want to pass.

Anyway, this is one of those places where quantity is a big issue. In this case the servings are very generous so if you are especially hungry head to Babble On Babylon and you'll leave very satisfied.  The menu is typical cafe fare although the specials board suggests that they do have a taste for Spanish.

I stuck to some old faithfuls so another visit may be in order to try some of the more exotic stuff.

I had the classic but very satisfying eggs florentine. As I said, the serving is very sizeable and you will not be going hungry. Probably a perfect place to visit after a hard night out. By the way the bread in this dish was superb and definitely above what is served in most cafes.
A classic but a goody, eggs florentine
A classic but a goody, eggs florentine
Also on the menu was scrambled eggs and salmon. Well nothing wrong here but nothing particularly special either. No fault on Babble On Babylon, more the choice of food. Again, I really like the crusty thin sliced bread.

Scrambled eggs with salmon
Scrambled eggs with salmon
I should make a comment on the surroundings. Its kind of rustic but not rustic enough to make it feel authentic or add its own special character. I did like the high level table in front of the counter to dine off though.

Babble On Babylon
Rating - 3
Would I recommend to a friend - No
Would I come again - Yes

Telephone: 03 9531 4211
Address:  Elwood VIC 3184, Australia
reviewed By: Howie Be

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