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Pho 128 - Review - Werribee

Pho 128 is one of a handful of places to have Vietnamese in Werribee.  Its actually good news that there is more than one place to have Vietnamese in Werribee. How does Pho 128 fair?

Well as you can see from the photograph above there are a few willing punters so Pho 128 is doing something right.  Pho 128 has the typical stuff you would expect and of course the famous Vietnamese pho noodles.

Pho is one of my favourites and I typically go for the beef special special but there are sevreal different combinations available and I guess rare beef is probably the best idea for the less adventurous.
Vietnamese beef special pho
Vietnamese beef special pho
The key for a great beef special is the broth.  Without a good broth these noodles are strictly average.  Unfortunately for me on this particular day the broth was okay but nothing more. Unfortunately this is so critical for this dish so personally I was pretty disappointed.

Vietnamese is one of my favourite foods and given I live in these neck of the woods i was looking forward to finding a great Vietnamese restaurant.

What you often do get in the outer suburbs is bigger servings, I guess to cater for local expectations. On this front, Pho 128 doesn't deliver although this is really secondary to great flavour.  Unfortunately the Vietnamese fried chicken is only average as well.  It fills the gaps but that is about it. 
Rare beef pho
Rare beef pho
The rare beef pho basically is similar to the beef special noodles.  It generally looks as you expect but the flavour is lacking.  Anyway, it is passable but of course, better than passable is a lot more preferable.  So all up I expect  a bit more.

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Pho 128
Pho 128 is an okay Vietnamese restaurant in Werribee.  It's nothing special but if you are desperate for Vietnamese in Werribee it's still probably worth it.

Rating: 2.5 stars
Would I go again - If I was desperate for Vietnamese
Would I recommend to a friend - No

Telephone: 03 8742 3128
Address: 72 Watton St, Werribee VIC 3030, Australia
Reviewed by: Howie Be

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