Wednesday, 23 November 2016

K-Tarng - Korean - Review

K-Tarng (45 Koornang Road, Carnegie VIC 3163, Melbourne) is yet another of the Korean restaurants I see all around the place.  They seem to be sprouting up like trees these days given their ubiquity.  Today, its out to Carnegie for a bit of Korean.  In fact, this seems to be a mini Korean dining district so its worth venturing out here if you've never been before.

K-Tarng Tent
Tent like but welcoming
K-Tarng is kind of laid back in atmosphere so don't expect fine dining.  However, on a nice warm night I can see having a group of friends chilling out for some nice Korean being quite appealing.

K-Tarng Kirin
Korean food is dare I say it pretty similar wherever you go.  Of course there are better and worse but generally you know what you are in for.  K-Tarng sticks pretty much to the script so all the typical favourites are here but don't expect anything different either.

K-Tarng's distinguishing feature is really the outdoor dining vibe.  Food wise, K-Tarng is neither exceptional nor poor, its really is what it is, standard Korean fare at a reasonable price.  If the weather was right and I lived around here I would be willing to come back however I don't think its worth a special trip. 

If you've been to a few Korean restaurants you know it's all about the bbq meat or all about the Korean fried chicken.  I didn't try the chicken but the bbq meat what you'd expect. 

K-Tarng Korean bbq meat
Korean bbq meat

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K-Tarng is great for a group function.  Gather your friends up for a night out after work and just chill.  A bit of Korean and a few beers sounds like a good option! 

Rating: 3 stars
Would I go again - Yes
Would I recommend to a friend - No

Telephone: (03) 9972 9197
Address: 45 Koornang Road, Carnegie VIC 3163, Melbourne
Reviewed by: Howie Be 

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