Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Waiters Restaurant - Review - Meyers Place (Off Bourke St), CBD

The Waiters Restaurant (20 Meyers Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000) is a very old school type of restaurant.  To find something like The Waiters Restaurant in central Melbourne is unusual and really like a walk back in time.

Old school charm but not for everybody
The travelling back in time kind of feel is also reflected in the food.  If you like this type of thing you will be well rewarded but as tastes come and go I don't know if this is going to appeal to a big crowd these days.

The Waiters Restaurant was well attended during the lunch time I ventured there so they are definitely doing something right.  I guess their specialty is old school and for me I kind of like it.  Certainly not that often but maybe once a year?

If you are after exotic flavours, any kind of fusion between old and new or something contemporary then The Waiters Restaurant probably isn't for you.  For something basic but still nice you might like to try them out.

I guess the other great thing about The Waiters Restaurant is that it is byo.  That just might be the ticket for you to give them a try.

Overall, I just wish there was something to push them over the edge.  If they were a tiny bit cheaper I would be happy to recommend them as a budget oriented place but to be honest the pricing is only fair.  

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Rating: 3/ 5stars
Would I recommend to a friend: No
Would I go again: No

Telephone: (03) 9650 1508
Address: 20 Meyers Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000

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