Thursday, 28 May 2015

Gami Chicken And Beer - Review - Little Lonsdale Street

Gami Chicken And Beer (100 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000).  Korean fried chicken seems to be everywhere in Melbourne these days.  A few years ago a Korean restaurant or cafe would be slightly unusual but that certainly isn't the case today. 

Rice cake with chilli image
Rice cake with chilli
The rice cakes with chilli sauce are exactly as described.  When I read it off the menu I imagined different.  Anyway, if you like rice noodles/flour you'll know what to expect.  Truth be told, this is really classic street food.  Gami Chicken and Beer were charging $5 when I wrote this and this seems about right as far as Melbourne pricing goes.

Rice cakes aren't everyones cup of tea but if you've never tried they might be worth it for the modest $5 outlay.
Gami Fried Chicken image
Gami Fried Chicken
Onto the Gami Korean fried chicken.  Well too be honest, as long as it comes out crispy and isn't dripping in oil, Korean fried chicken has delivered.  I personally can't understand the craze (whether apparent or real) about Korean fried chicken.  I love fried chicken like the next person but is it special?  

Anyway, I have nothing to complain about with Gami Chicken and Beer's version.  It delivers.
Cabbage Salad image
Cabbage Salad
The Gami Chicken and Beer is accompanied with cabbage salad and radish pickles. Nothing really special about it in any way but given you are tucking into fried chicken any vegetables are appreciated.  Its basically utilitarian food.
Kimchi pancake image
Kimchi pancake
Korean pan cakes are kind of nice.  You can get the special pan cake flour at Asian restaurants and give it  a go.  Gami Chicken and Beer have two different pancakes on the menu.

You can go for seafood and spring onion or kimchi pancake.  In any case, I think they are a perfect accompaniment to the Gami Chicken.  I quite like the pancakes and they are great for sharing.

One thing I will say.  If you do try Gami Chicken and Beer I feel you have a plate of vegetables in your future.  Your heart needs it!

Give them a go.  As long as you like fried chicken I'm sure you'll enjoy the experience.

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Gami Chicken And Beer
Rating: 3
Would I go again: Maybe
Would I recommend to a friend: Yes

Telephone: (03) 9671 3232
Address: 100 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Reviewed By:

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