Monday, 10 November 2014

French Quarter Pattiserie - Review - North Melbourne

The French Quarter Pattiserie (North Melbourne) has a great name and good street frontage encouraging you to give them a go.  The bank of cakes certainly look enticing although the bright white interior is somewhat hospital like.

Coffee time
Like many cake shops the French Quarter Pattiserie lacks character.  Yes, the cakes are fresh and baked on premises but as a place to enjoy a coffee and have a bite to eat it is somewhat lacking.  Really I should say that it is passable but not in anyway special.
The cakes themselves are nice enough but not jaw droppingly good either.
So while the French Quarter Pattiserie is nice enough for a local I wouldn't make a special trip to North Melbourne to find them.
As you can see, the interior is modern and sleek but generally without distinctive character.
Of course, when you crave a cake it is still worth treating yourself.
French Quarter Pattiserie In A Nutshell
Rating - 3.5 stars
Would I recommend to a friend - No

Would I go again - No

Telephone: (03) 9326 9099
Address: 1/570-574 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051
The white interior is a bit stark

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