Thursday, 25 September 2014

Derrimut Hotel - Review - Sunshine

Yes, there are places to go to in Sunshine.  While the Derrimut Hotel is what you would describe at pretty utilitarian it is pleasant all the same.

It's certainly designed to have plenty of customers and on a winters night it's kind of nice.  The brick columns add a bit of uniqueness and there are enough punters coming in to create some ambiance.
Of course, having a glass of wine on a Friday night is going to make you feel a bit better about life.
The mixed entree platter covers all bases as far as a hearty and filling entree goes, ie, it's not that healthy.  It's functional rather than strictly classy but tastes great and is a generous serving so you will definitely not go away starving. It also looks pretty good as well.
Well, this mini rack comes out putting a smile on your face.  The bed of red cabbage makes a perfect accompaniment and the jus is not too salty.  Of course, together it tastes superb dish and looks quite divine.   

The veal scallopini  fills the gap in a nice way.  Like the chicken parmigiana its a bit of a classic but not quite as ubiquitous.  As far a veal scallopini goes this is one of the better ones I've had. It is going to go off the richter scale as far as the heart goes but does taste great and the sauce is generous and not overpowering.  A pub classic reborn. 

So The Derrimut Hotel is a nice place to go for a great pub meal.  It has a bit of ambiance and the food has a bit of style and it all tastes pretty good.

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Derrimut Hotel In A Nutshell
Rating - 3.5 stars
Would I recommend to a friend - Yes (Locals only)

Would I go again - Yes

Telephone: (03) 9311 1171
Address: 132 Durham Road, Sunshine VIC 3020

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