Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Milly and Romeo's - Review - Koonwarra

Milly and Romeo's is one the way to Wilson's Promontory.  You can't  help but not
ice the little township of Koonwarra and it is definitely worth stopping.  If anything just to break up the drive.  There's also a market so do your research in advance so you can take in the market as well.
Milly and Romeo's is kind of cute as you can probably tell from the photograph's.  If you are like me it's probably going to be your second choice of cafe as the one across the road has that nice trendy appearance.  Don't be put of though as Milly and Romeo's is equally as good.
Canadian breakfast
Canadian breakfast
You are going to get typical in selection cafe food here.  I wouldn't necessarily say that it is special but nor is it run of the mill.  It's kind of what you would say as expected.  
As you can see Milly And Romeo's does have its own sense of character and quirkiness and that's what's good about it.  I can also tell that plenty of locals come here as well so that is also a good sign.

I like these little salt and pepper shakers that really shout out...cute!
Anyway, I am happy to recommend Milly and Romeo's and can foresee going there again the next time I visit the Prom. Bring on summer please!

Milly and Romeo's

Rating - 3.5
Would I go again - Yes

Would I recommend to a friend - No 

Telephone: 03 5664 2211
Address: 1 Koala Dr Koonwarra, VIC 3954
Reviewed By: Howie Be

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