Friday, 31 January 2014

Ezard - Review - Flinders Lane

Ezard (187 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000) in the Melbournce CBD  is a nice, attractive and busy restaurant in the popular Flinders Lane.

As you can see, all the food is immaculately presented with great attention to detail, so you kind of feel sort of special.  This is what makes dining out so great.
Am I a blogger or am I a photographer?  Good question as today it's going to be a minimal post.  Too be honest I'm still getting up to speed after Christmas and New Year break but I'll be back to my verbal best soon.
Ezard has quite an eclectic menu.  It really does stand out from the crowd and I applaud this.  
As you can see the food is exciting not just for the taste but for the eyes as well.  
Scallops anyone?  Too be truthful looking at the photo above does not inspire confidence.  it kind of reminds me of pooh.  Rest assured it was divine.  
No comments on the food?  You guessed it I'm not much of a note taker.  Maybe that should have been added to the new year resolution list.
I know there is a craze for micro herbs and veges going on right now.  They certainly fit this style of food.  I'm just wondering when I look back at this in a few years time and whether it will all seem too pretentious.  For now I like it.  
As befits Ezard there is a wide range of innovative and different desserts on offer.  Perhaps its a bit of style over substance and the serving size is moderate but I like their originality and it all tasted superb.

Rating - 4.5
Would I go again - Yes
Would I recommend to a friend - Yes

Telephone: (03) 9639 6811

Address: 187 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000
Reviewed By: Howie Be

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